Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yaeger
38 going on 12, Actor, Producer, Philosopheraptor, U.S.
– Lost part of my body, found my complete self. –
In 2013 I connected with Herbert and Ramona of Touratech through Jon Beck and after only one Skype call, I was promptly invited to ride through Africa. I took zero seconds to reply „YES“ and the rest is history. We built a bond through our experiences riding through Africa and I’m very fortunate to call them friends.
I’ve always been fascinated by the similarities of cultures. In my opinion there is no better way to experience those similarities than through motorcycles. It opens you up to the world, the climate, the animals and especially the people. Being a part of the United People of Adventure will allow me to experience those cultures in the best possible way, with the best possible people.
Having a group of like-minded adventurers is what this is all about and I couldn’t wish for a better group of friends to go with on this epic journey. I’ve been blessed to travel with the team to several different locations and I can say you will be traveling with the coolest cats around. You will not only get great stories, you will also impart them upon the wonderful people you will meet.


Part of the human experience is to learn and grow, and what better way is there to learn than from each other? That’s what I love about traveling; learning from other people with different perspectives and different past experiences. My favorite kinds of people are those who I most assuredly wouldn’t meet if I didn’t travel.

Besides becoming fast friends with my Touratech travel companions through Africa I was fortunate to meet other amazing people. Aldo and his father Abel opened their home to us and made my first days feel like I was reunited with family. The manager of the Tanganda Tea Company who took us in at night, provided us a place to sleep, provided food and drink while giving us advice on the next leg of our journey. Or the young Zimbabwean man who randomly showed up in the middle of the night to help me set up my tent in the forceful wind, only for him to disappear before I could thank him. Our next stop, Madagascar!

In Madagascar I’ll be riding the new Africa Twin to see what she’s made of. I’m very much looking forward to testing out the bike in a real world environment. In fact, it will be the first time I get to ride the Honda and I hope it exceeds my expectations. Madagascar is also one of those rare places that captures my imagination. Who will I meet? What will they teach me? Can I teach them anything? One thing I look forward to is showing the people we meet my prosthetic leg. In Africa, the kids went wild, adults thought I was crazy for riding motorcycles with one leg, but everyone learned that if life knocks you down you don’t have to stay down.

I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident nearly ten years ago and rebuilt my life, changed my career becoming a full time actor in film and TV, while overcoming obstacles like everyone else. Something about loosing my leg made me find my life, it put a fire under my ass to get to living and do something good while I have the time.

The person who taught me how to ride motorcycles, my father, died this past year, again reinforcing the reality that time is short, so you better live life to the fullest. In fact, he told me to do whatever I can while I can because it doesn’t get easier when you get older. He was a very wise man who I miss very much and the reason I miss him so much is directly correlated to how much he taught me, and most importantly, how much he loved me.

He, more than anyone else, showed me through his life the importance of learning from others and I’m blessed to get back on a bike with Herbert, Ramona, Jon, Jan-Peter, Wolfgang and my soon to be new friends of the UPoA trip to Madagascar to learn from the locals whatever lessons I need to learn.

These are the reasons I travel. Yes, the sights are beautiful, yes the animals are majestic, and yes the food is amazing. However, the honor of meeting people and gaining new perspectives on life are priceless.

So get out there, no matter whom you are, what kind of bike you ride, or your age, and join us in the adventure of living.


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