Jonathan Bentman

Jonathan Bentman
49, freelance journalist, UK
– normal guy –
I was once a draftsman, then a chartered surveyor. The journalism came much later, by way of road racing. I loved the road racing, playing on the edge of physics made life so vibrant. Only the crashes, so sudden, so painfully violent, were tough to bear.
So, after 15 years, came enduro – only I loved the nature more than the competition, so why race? The journalism came from a love of words and truth – and motorcycles. University took that passion and refined it by enforcing economy and perspective (thankfully).
Adventure came by accident but also, in hindsight, by natural progression. Touratech – Herbert and Ramona – are like kindred spirits. They, too, understand the love and the conflict. And it’s not about the bike. But without the bike what is it? Yes, simply, people. Hence the United People of Adventure.

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