Jan-Peter Sölter

Jan-Peter Sölter
36, cameraman DOP, northern Germany
– easy going and a great team player –
I am working for the German television channel ZDF since 1996 (Karl Holzamer scholarship holder).
Since 2003, I accompany Touratech – by car at first, later as a motorcycle riding DOP (director of photography). Bolivia, Mexico, Can2Mex, Ethiopia, Madagascar, ZimZamBot – these are the film projects I’ve been working on, in cooperation with Wolfgang Danner.
I started riding enduro bikes during our Ethiopia trip when for the first time the entire team travelled by motorbike only. We deliberately refrained from using cars as an escort vehicle to obtain a different „travel flow“, cinematically.
Travelling the world with open eyes and telling „picture stories“, that’s what I love so much! For me, having a job that leads me to remote countries and different cultures is a great gift.
Together with Touratech, I’m looking forward to meet you (the participant) at the United People of Adventure Tour, leading us through Madagascar. Tell me your story! :-)

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