Herbert Schwarz

Herbert Schwarz
55, founder and CEO of Touratech, Germany
– technically minded guy and a passionate photographer –
It was my enthusiasm for traveling and motorcycle riding that sparked the idea for founding Touratech, 25 years ago. It’s been fascinating to watch over the years how “what once started as a one-man show” has turned into a successful, global business with distributors in over 40 countries. Meeting the locals, discovering faraway territories of the globe and garnering ideas for new Touratech products – these are the main reasons why I love adventure riding. The passion for traveling on two wheels has always been there and will hopefully never fade.Madagascar sounds great to me. Actually, I can’t wait for the UPoA project to start! I’m really looking forward to sharing the same experience with so many different people on various bikes. The team concept is what I like best. The fact that we can only reach our common destination together – provided that we manage to form a good team with high spirits 😉

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