The Team


As the tour guide, Herbert has an experienced & professional photo and film crew in tow. In order to create authentic footage in one of the most spectacular places on earth – memorable images and a 60-minute video – they will, of course, all be riding bikes as well.
Herbert and Ramona have been working with these professionals on many different levels and occasions before. Their projects have taken them to North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.
Get to know the people who have captured some of the most interesting motorcycle adventures of the last two decades! Meet the makers of the Touratech videos, which are available on DVD and as downloads on VIMEO!
The team language is English. French is, of course, always more helpful to communicate with the locals.
Herbert Schwarz
55, founder and CEO of Touratech, Germany
– technically minded guy and a passionate photographer –

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Ramona Schwarz
39, travel writer and photographer, Germany
– free spirit, addicted to two-wheeled adventures with open end –

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Wolfgang Danner
49, TV Journalist, Germany
– romantically minded motorcyclist –

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Jan-Peter Sölter
36, cameraman DOP, northern Germany
– easy going and a great team player –

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Kurt Yaeger
38 going on 12, Actor, Producer, Philosopheraptor, U.S.
– Lost part of my body, found my complete self. –

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Jonathan Bentman
49, freelance journalist, UK
– normal guy –

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