Orphanage of Antalaha

Within the project „United People of Adventure“ in April 2016, we visited the orphanage of Antalaha in northeast of Madagascar.

Currently 36 orphans (35 girls and one boy) of different ages live here in the care of Catholic nuns. Since under the regime of Rajoelina financial support has been greatly scaled back by the state, the „Orphelinat d’Antalaha“ relies on charitable funds. The institution, which is affiliated with a school of 160 students, is funded entirely by donations.

Looking at the overall picture, one understands better what is happening here. Many of the 24 million Madagascans live in poverty. The World Health Organisation states that not even every second islander has access to clean water. 29% of the population can neither read nor write. Only two out of three children are enrolled, which means 1.5 million children do not attend school.

Soeur Marie-Marthe, the Mother Superior, takes us through the orphanage. „We do our best, but that is not always enough!“
What we experience gets under your skin. Walking a dormitory in the orphanage, seeing the age-worn dolls and teddies on the saggy beds it’s impossible not to be overcome with emotion and we walk with tears in our eyes. We are deeply moved. These children were not lucky enough to be born into a privileged life that we have in the western world, there are no state-funded social networks to take over after the death of their parents. In a spontaneous action, we buy new foam mattresses for the dormitory and exchange them for the straw mattresses full of bugs. Even if only a drop in the ocean, the joy is great!

The sacrificial love and care of the nuns cannot hide the fact that the children grow up in very simple and poor conditions. They are not lacking in warmth or security, but they are missing many practical things like ordinary beds with mosquito nets (in the region of Antalaha malaria is prevalent), desks, school supplies (notebooks, books and pens) or just food and clothing. Raising the monthly school fee is a constant challenge.

Thanks to a generous donation recently, the long overdue repair of the water pipes was finished. The shower did not work for some time because the pipes were blocked. The children were washing themselves in the yard under a tree at the fountain. Now they have laid screed in the sanitary facilities and had the floor tiled.

Supporting the orphanage in the future is a matter truly dear to our hearts. At the Touratech Travel Event 2016 we will have a booth and sell different things from Madagascar like herbs and handcrafts. You will also have the chance to buy a copy of the illustrated book of the UPoA 2016 or preorder the DVD „United People of Adventure – Madagascar 2016“. The proceeds will go directly to the orphanage or into other aid projects in Antalaha.
Our Malagasy friend Anouschka Paula – who you can see in the film – has been committed to the social welfare of her hometown for a long time and will take care of the mini-projects by providing local support and ensuring that the money goes to the right places.

Please help us – every small gesture counts! By purchasing the following products you can help:

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With the purchase of this products you support orphans in Madagascar. The proceeds go to Orphelinat d’Antalaha!

If you like to make a donation, please get in touch with Ramona Schwarz (ramona.schwarz@touratech.de) – Thank you!

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