The first selection

Herbert and Ramona were spoilt for choice, but now the twelve finalists for „United People of Adventure“ have been named. During a final selection weekend, the six lucky riders for Touratech’s adventure tour on Madagascar will be chosen.
Some are funny, some are profound, others are creative, artistic or rather autobiographic, but they all have one thing in common: the fascination for travelling on two wheels is shining through in each and everyone of them. We’re talking about the 200 videos sent to us by enthusiastic adventure riders from all over the world who applied for our „United People of Adventure“ project. Herbert and Ramona Schwarz were not to be envied for the task to pick out the twelve final candidates – two from each continent – being invited to Niedereschach, Germany for the final selection meeting at the end of February.

„There was not one single person we would not have enjoyed travelling with“, Herbert and Ramona said to point out that this wasn’t an easy choice at all. They want to thank everyone who applied for the fantastic videos, the work everyone invested and for the great interest in being part of „United People of Adventure“.
The twelve finalists will meet in Niedereschach from February 25th to 28th. The meeting is all about getting to know each other, about the ability to work in a team, about individual skills and personality traits and last but not least about the question who is the best team member for „United People of Adventure“.
The candidates, amongst them three women, are between 25 and 58 years old. All of them are enthusiastic adventure riders, and it would be a dream coming true for them if they were chosen for „United People of Adventure“. But unfortunately only one rider per continent can make it into the team. In April, the six happy winners will join Ramona and Herbert Schwarz and our photo and film crew exploring Madagascar for ten days – on fully equipped Touratech bikes.

We still hope nobody is too disappointed and to those of you that did not make it this time – stay tuned – chances that the great UPoA adventure continues in the next several years are good…

And these are our twelve finalists:



IsmailName: Ismail Kirumira
Age: 30
Country: Uganda

Through motorbike riding Ismail has met many interesting people. Seeing adventure riders crossing borders infected him with the travel bug at a very early stage. He loves nature, is keen on learning about different cultures and likes to live the adventure spirit. The planned charity project on Madagascar is particularly important to him.
OmarName: Omar Mansour
Age: 42
Country: Egypt

Omar rides his bike to explore the world. But to him, a motorbike is also a social tool to meet new people, foster mutual understanding and spread a message of peace. In 2011 he guided a tour from Switzerland to Swaziland. The trip was arranged by UNESCO and the Red Cross with the aim of delivering medical supplies to Swaziland on motorcycles.


Name: Taro Mitzutani
Age: 50
Country: Japan

Cross, trial, enduro, rally, super moto or a bit of road racing: Taro feels at home on every bike. But he especially loves travelling on two wheels, because on a motorbike you are closer to your environment than with any other means of transportation. Taro has proven his team player abilities as a member of the Japanese team in the International BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2014 in Canada.
Name: July Behl
Age: 34
Country: India

“The adventure begins where the comfort zone ends”, says July, who has travelled almost 120,000 kilometers on motorbikes. He is open minded and always willing to go that extra mile to look after his mates. Foreign cultures, new life styles – for July motorbikes bring it all together. That’s why he wants to be part of a fun and extremely exciting project.


RobertName: Robert Davies
Age: 51
Country: Australia (Western Australia)

The surgeon from Perth knows how important team work is – in the operating room as well as on an adventure ride. He has a great sense of humor and many different passions: Motorcyclist, adventurer, presenter, climber, pilot, photographer, musician, husband, father and storyteller. As an overseas aid volunteer he took part in charity projects performing surgery in Vietnam and Myanmar, for example.
AndreaName: Andrea Box
Age: 25
Country: Australia (Victoria)

The youngest candidate is an old hand on the bike: The trauma nurse and paramedic, who is “addicted to adventure”, has been riding dirt bikes and adventure bikes for 15 years. She loves meeting new people and discovering foreign countries and is a very practical, hands-on person who is not afraid of challenges including putting out bushfires as a volunteer fire fighter.


Name: Rosa Freitag
Age: 46
Country: Brazil

Riding a Vespa in the Sahara? For Rosa that’s no problem at all. Eight years ago she discovered her passion for bikes and became intensively involved right away. Hence her definition of a wellness treatment is a mud pack off road. Rosa’s enthusiasm for classical ballet helps her to handle even big adventure bikes gracefully. Her personal motto: “Fortune favours the bold.”
Name: Gunther Fischli
Age: 39
Country: Brazi

When his son was born with severe health problems, this was a formative experience for Gunther and changed his perspective of life: “Whatever happens, I know that we can overcome it and we come out at the other side as a different person.” The entrepreneur loves to ride dirt bikes, participates in enduro and cross-country races and is overwhelmed by the readiness to help among adventure riders.


BenjaminName: Benjamin Myers
Age: 38
Country: USA (California)

When Benjamin rides his bike, it is more than a sense of freedom. To him, it is almost a sense of being. He is a passionate artist and likes to document his experiences through sketches, photography and video. With his drawings he captures moments in a very special way. Benjamin travelled to nearly 30 countries, lived in Africa, Spain and Germany. All these experiences have given him the ability to adapt and to make the best of every situation.
ClaudeName: Claude Auchu
Age: 47
Country: Canada (Québec)

“To have ideas inside the agency, we must have a life outside the agency”, is Claude’s credo, who works as a creative director and senior partner of an advertising agency. And his live is #realADV. He loves offroad adventures, participated in quite a few endurocross and rally races, and enjoys camping. Claude likes meeting people and making friends and is an easy-going teamplayer.


Inga Birna Erlingsdóttir
Age: 37
Country: Iceland

As a police officer and a female adventure rider on Iceland, Inga is used to hold her ground in a men’s world. That’s why she does not like stereotyped thinking: “Prejudices make people blind.” Since the age of 14 she has been dreaming of riding around the world. Therefore “United People of Adventure” would be a fantastic chance for her to discover an exotic island and its people. Her motto in life: “Never give up your dreams.”

Name: Gudmundur Björnsson
Age: 58
Country: Iceland

Off road riding on Iceland, motorbike tours in Europe and the US: Gudmundur has a long experience in travelling with motorcycles, is a safety instructor and administers a lot of off road trainings. He is a medical doctor and also worked as an emergency doctor for the helicopter service of the Islandic coast guard. Thus, he is used to work under stress and to deal with difficult situations. He is living proof that an adventurous spirit and a level-headed approach to life are no contradiction.

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