BMW 800 GS Adventure

Touratech Turns F 800 GS Adventure into the Ultimate Long-Distance Adventure Bike
The successful GS Adventure concept is embodied in a mid-size motorcycle that lives up to its name: the BMW F 800 GS Adventure. This latest addition to the F family is built for boundless adventure far away from civilisation; it is a universal touring enduro engineered and equipped for world travel.
But even good things can be improved and Touratech offers an extensive range of accessories for the F 800 GS Adventure to boost its off-road credentials and fuel the feeling of freedom. These include tank bags and panniers in various sizes and types, adjustable clutch and gear levers, GPS mounting adapters to securely attach a navigator, and various protectors including manifold, frame, drive sprocket and chain guards as well as hard parts for the radiator and the BMW engine guard.
The Touratech handlebar riser offers a more relaxed posture and optimum seating position, as do stainless steel *Works* foot pegs. Uniquely, these provide a secure grip, increase ground clearance, protect your boots and are self-cleaning – all at the same time.
The large engine guard by Touratech is revolutionary, featuring multiple folded ridges in the 4 mm thick aluminium base plate for maximum strength. Thanks to an additional lower stainless steel attachment plate, the force of an impact is distributed over a large area via the bolting points. Replaceable plastic slide bars completely cover the lower bolting points on this extremely resilient engine guard.
The ABS sensor cover is a small but effective accessory that prevents damage to the sensor. Form and functionality are also combined in the anti-glare shield, which reduces scattered light as well as adding a finishing touch to the Adventure’s appearance. The Touratech headlight protector with quick release fasteners emphasises the off-road look while fending off even large stones and debris. Convenient options for carrying extra luggage include the ZEGA Pro Topcase rack with 25 and 38 litre capacity Topcases, and the extremely sturdy luggage rack. And of course Touratech Suspension shock absorbers and our tried-and-tested comfort seats are available for the F800GS Adventure.
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