The great reunion...

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Back from Madagascar - the journey is the reward! Episode Overview

The most difficult terrain, muddy tracks, extreme climate, tropical cyclones, risky river crossings and an emotional roller coaster: Our “United People of Adventure” team experienced not just one but a whole lot of adventures on their Madagascar expedition... Watch all episodes here:
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Episode 1
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Episode 2
10.04.2016 14_45_02-R50_5449 (LowRes)
Episode 3
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Episode 4
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Episode 5
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Episode 6
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Episode 7
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Episode 8

Meet the Team!

Herbert Schwarz

Herbert Schwarz

The founder and CEO of Touratech
Ramona Schwarz

Ramona Schwarz

Travel writer and photographer
Wolfgang Danner

Wolfgang Danner

TV Journalist & "Pleasure-Rider"
Jan-Peter Sölter

Jan-Peter Sölter

Cinematographer & Adventure Rider
Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yaeger

Actor, Producer, Philosopheraptor, U.S.
Jonathan Bentman

Jonathan Bentman

Freelance moto-journalist
“Explore the world on a motorcycle. Create unbelievable memories. Feed your curious mind with answers to uncommon questions. Travel the roads less traveled, for they always lead to the most beautiful places. Be in touch with the fascinating people you meet along your way. Let them tell you their story. Don’t have any expectations and trust your gut feelings!”
This has been the credo of Herbert and Ramona Schwarz for many years. The founder and CEO of Touratech and his travel writer and photographer wife look back on a long history of motorcycle adventures, which have taken them to the far corners of this globe.
And their journey continues…

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